Our story began in 2009 when North Shore Patents was born in the midst of the financial crisis.  Some might think it was “crazy” to hang out my own shingle in that climate, especially since I moved to New England from Silicon Valley with no professional contacts, having left behind a professional network that took me 16 years to build.

Undaunted, I founded the firm with two clients and blocks of free time.  Those blocks of free time were spent (re)building my network from scratch, walking into rooms full of strangers more times than I can count.  With perseverance, hard work, and more than a bit of luck, my new network grew one connection at a time, and North Shore Patents grew one client at a time.

Since our humble beginnings, North Shore Patents has represented over 80 clients, in more than 700 matters, and has obtained over 600 issued patents for our clients.  We continue to offer IP strategy, patent prosecution, and infringement analysis services in the fields of network and e-commerce applications, cloud computing, software applications, database systems, mobile technology, digital circuitry, design, consumer devices, among others.

Many thanks to our clients, who are central to our success.  Thanks also to our colleagues, for their continued support.  We wouldn’t have made it this far without you.

Here’s to another amazing 10 years.

With gratitude,
Michele Liu Baillie, Esq., Founder